When the little guys met the Coastguard Team

As you’ve probably noticed, a couple of weeks ago the Crew took a brief road trip up to the wilds of Scotland. And while they were there, they had the honour of meeting up with their counterparts from Her Majesty’s Coastguard. Yes, it’s the ‘wee guys’ from The Coastguard Team!

The wee guys are based not far from where the Crew were staying on the sunny Argyll coast, so they popped over for a quick visit. First port of call, of course, was the lovely Barn at Millcroft for a rather delicious ‘working lunch’. But thoughts then turned to more nautical topics.

Eager to show the Crew what the area had to offer, the wee guys directed the little guys (this is going to get confusing…) to the Coastguard station at Kames, which is a small village situated on the Kyles of Bute. The station isn’t manned, but houses the local Coastguard Rescue Team’s vehicles and equipment. And it’s makes the perfect backdrop for a quick photoshoot…


It wasn’t all standing around posing, though. The little guys were also keen to have a look at the Coastguard station itself. And the wee guys were more than happy to tell the Crew a little about the Coastguard Rescue Teams (also volunteers!) and how they work.

IMG_8445 TW

That isn’t to say that there wasn’t a bit more posing, though…

IMG_8450 TW

The little guys were keen to return the favour, though, and to show the wee guys the local lifeboat station at Tighnabruaich. This great little village is just a short hop along the coast from Kames and is home to the Atlantic 85 lifeboat ‘James and Helen Mason’.


We’ll talk more about the lifeboat station in a later blog post, but suffice to say that both the wee guys and the Crew had a great time wandering around in the sunshine, learning about the lifeboat station and looking out over the glimmering waters between Tighnabruaich and the Isle of Bute.

All to soon, though, it was time for the wee guys to pack up and head for home. But the Crew were delighted to have had the opportunity to meet them and to learn more about their work with the Coastguard. We say it a lot, but it’s absolutely true. They really are all one big, happy family…

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